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On this page, you will find a list of information on how to format wiki pages.

Categories[edit | edit source]

These act like folders to organize pages. You can find a full list of the categories here. To add categories to a page, click the gear icon at the top right corner of the editor, and select Categories. This will open a window with a text input, where you can write your category and select from a list. If you input a category that does not exist, or wrongly input a category and click Confirm, or select no category and click Confirm, this will automatically create a new category. Category names are case AND accent sensitive - be wary of accidentally creating duplicates! e.g: the "Knights Moralis" category should not be inputted as "Knights moralis".

Category pages can be edited the same way any regular page is. Fandom automatically generates a list of all pages under said category on the Category page, sorted alphabetically.

General page editing[edit | edit source]

Infoboxes[edit | edit source]

An infobox is the name for the box on the right (desktop) or on top (mobile) of a page that holds a summary of useful information. Infoboxes are premade templates, with different versions for each category of page. You can insert an infobox on a page by using Insert > Infobox. The infobox must be placed at the very top of the page. To edit an infobox, click on it in the visual editor and it will open a menu with several labeled fields.

There is no visual text editor in the infobox editing menu, but the same basic code applies.

  • Put a page name between double brackets [[like this]] to automatically create a link to the page. The name has to be the exact same name as the page.
  • To add an image, use the exact image name. This is case sensitive down to the extension. No brackets or anything are needed.

Adding references[edit | edit source]

References are crucial on the wiki: not only do they back up claims, but they give an indication to the reader of where to find a specific bit of information in the text, at its source. There are two ways to add references: using Fandom's built in tool, or using the Ref template. Ideally, each piece of information on the wiki must be adequately sourced. Adding sources is a most welcome touch to finish up a wiki page, so if you remember where a piece of information in particular is from and it's lacking a source, do add one.

Built in reference tool[edit | edit source]

You can access this tool by clicking on the book shaped icon. "Basic" option is to create a new reference, and "Re-use" is to reuse one that already exists on the page. Selecting this will open a small box where you can input and edit text. It is recommended to reuse a reference when two points from the same source are far apart on the page.

Ref template[edit | edit source]

Designed to automatically format sources from the manga. You can insert it using Insert>Template>type in and select Ref. This opens three fields named 1, 2 and 3. Type in "m" (no quotes) in the first field to signal the source is from the manga. Field 2 is to input the chapter number, and field 3 the page number.

Text formatting[edit | edit source]

You can format the text of a page by selecting your text in the visual editor and selecting the format from the drop down menu at the very left of the editing toolbar. Most pages use Heading for their part section titles and Paragraph for the rest of the page, though more complex pages will use the Subheading styles.

Available regardless of style are the other tools on the toolbar, including character styles and list formats. These work like a standard text editor.

Adding links[edit | edit source]

There are two types of links on the wiki: internal and external. External links refer to anything not from the WHA Wiki itself, and opens them in another page. Internal links refers to all pages hosted on the WHA Wiki. To create a link, simply select the text you want to place the link on and click the Link icon (chain) in the toolbar. There, a menu will let you pick between internal/external, set on internal by default. To add an external link, simply paste the URL in the URL field and confirm. (note: even if your link is from the WHA Wiki, if you use an URL, it will be counted as external!).

To add an internal link, click on the link icon and in the default open text field, type the name of the page you want to link. For a regular page, the name itself, spelled correctly, will work. For special pages, you will have to type the full name of the page. For example, to link the Coco page as I just did, simply input "Coco" and select the page titled so. But to link the Locations category page, "Locations" will not return anything - I have to type in "Category:Locations". If Fandom cannot find a page with the correct name, it will suggest pages who's content contain the inputted text, which is why you will see seemingly unrelated pages pop up when you are typing in text.

Inputting a page name that doesn't exist in the internal link field and clicking Confirm without selecting anything will create a red link, which corresponds to a Wanted page. You are telling the wiki: this page doesn't exist yet, but I want it to! If you click on a link to a wanted page, you will be automatically redirected to write the page with that exact name. Wanted pages are a useful but tricky tool. Once the page is created under this name, all red links to it will automatically turn into valid links to said page. This is however spelling sensitive including case AND accents, so be wary, and make sure you are not creating duplicates.

Character pages[edit | edit source]

In order, each section of a character page is as follows:

  • Infobox
  • Short intro sentence: sum up who the character is, without spoilers.
  • Appearance: description of how the character looks.
  • Personality: description of the character's personality
  • Relationships: a list of the other characters who have established relationships with this one. Summarize their relationship to a few sentences. Make the name of each character a link.
  • Plot: split by story arcs. Add a spoiler code to each arc. Make each arc name a link.
  • Trivia: a list of miscellanious and/or fun facts about the character that do not fit the other sections. In a bulleted list format.
  • References: these are automatically added by the wiki, but the section title needs to be manually input.

Volume pages[edit | edit source]

  • Infobox
  • Short intro sentence: listing the number and who is on the cover(s)
  • Synopsis: official volume resumé. Copy and paste from the editors site.
  • Chapters: list of the chapters. Make each chapter a link to it's page. In a bulleted list format.
  • Gallery

Due to their nature, volume pages don't need added reference.

Chapter pages[edit | edit source]

  • Infobox
  • Short intro sentence
  • Summary: a redacted summary of the chapter.
  • Characters by appearance: as the name suggests. In a bulleted list format. Make each character name a link to their pages. Indicate if this is the characters first appearance using Name (Debut)
  • Chapter notes: misc info that doesn't fit in other categories. In a bulleted list format.

Due to their nature, chapter pages don't need added reference.

Other pages[edit | edit source]

This is a rough format that applies to the rest of the pages, including Spells, Tools, Locations, Plants and Creatures.

  • Infobox: pick the correct format for the category of page!
  • Short intro sentence
  • Description: Describe the thing, what it looks like and how it works.
  • History: Usage and mentions of the thing throughout history and plot.
  • Inhabitants: specific to Locations. In a bulleted list format.
  • References