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In Witch Hat Atelier, magic is performed via drawn spells. Each spell has a different effect, decided by the signs and sigils it contains. Spells typically fall into one of five main groups - fire, water, earth, wind, and light - depending on which sigil it possesses.

Unfortunately, the designs of some glyphs have been somewhat inconsistent, so a few spells have different spell construction now than they did earlier on in the story. (This is especially prevalent in the first and second volumes). One example of this is how the earth breaker glyphs[1] early on in the manga have a levitation keystone in place of an earth sigil. Due to this and similar cases, if a glyph has different forms at different points in the story, the newer version of that glyph will take precedence and become the official form of that glyph.

Each spell has its own page. If you would like to learn more about a specific spell, click on its name to be redirected to that spell's page.

Fire Spells[edit | edit source]

Fire spells are spells that are based around a fire sigil.

Phantasmal Fireball Pyreball Seal Snugstone Spell
Unburning Flame.png

Water Spells[edit | edit source]

Water spells are spells that are based around a water sigil.

Rainbringer Seal Rising Platform of Water Rising Wave Water Bolt Watershot Seal
Rainmaker's Glyph.png
Surging Stage.png
Rising Wave.png
24 9 Water Bolt.jpg
Water Shot.png
Water Horse Spell Water Pen
Water Horse Spell.JPG
Water Pen.png

Earth Spells[edit | edit source]

Earth spells are spells that are based around an earth sigil.

Boulder Stretch Rope Integration Sand Bridge Sand Cage Serpent's Bed of Sand
Stone Weave Skein.png
12 27 Sand Bridge Glyph.png
Sand Cage.png
Dragon's Bed of Sand.png
Wall Breaker Seal
Wall Breaker-0.png

Wind Spells[edit | edit source]

Wind spells are spells based around one or more of the varieties of wind sigil.

Flying Puppet
of Diversion
Shoes Seal
Wind Wall
Aireal Lure.png
Gathering Winds.jpg
Skysoar Seal.png
Sylph Shoes Seal.png
28 19 Wind Wall.jpg

Light Spells[edit | edit source]

Light spells are spells based around the light sigil. As stated by Olruggio, light magic is technically a variant of fire magic,[2] but it is distinct enough in its usage and design to get its own category.

Bird of Light Beacon Floatglow Lamp Light Beam Light Tracer
Phoenix Portent.png
Dancing Lights.png
Light Beam-0.png
46 19 Crystal Light Bangles Glyph.png

Mixed Spells[edit | edit source]

Mixed spells are spells consisting of two or more separate sigils.

Beast Repellent Cloak Spell Floating Drops Rainflinger (Drying) Rainflinger (Normal)
Beast Repellent Spell.JPG
Revised Cloak Spell.png
Floating Drops.png
Dispel Water Acurate Version.png
pre chap 28
post chap 28

Niche Spells[edit | edit source]

Niche spells are spells that don't fit into any specific category, with sigils that aren't one of the main five (water, earth, fire, wind, light) and aren't forbidden.

Capture Pennant Spell Crystal Ribbon Crystal Shard Floating Expansion
Billowing Collection.png
Knights Moralis Banner Spell.jpg
Crystal Ribbon cropped.png
18 12 Crystal Spell.png
Expansion Glyph From Volume 7 Limited Edition.jpg
Gathering Shadows Inverted Scalewolf Curse Memory Erasure Mirror Spell Repetition
Gathering Shadows.png
28 22 Inverted Scalewolf.jpg
Knights moralis memory erasure.jpg
Repitition Seal.png
Reverse Time Spells Sealchair Glyph Spell of Reduction Windowway Spell
Time reversal book page.png
Sealchair Glyph.jpg
Spell of Reduction.png
Windowway Spell.png

Unknown Spells[edit | edit source]

Unknown spells are the spells that, for whatever reason, we don't know enough about to put in any category. Spells in this section typically don't have their glyph visible, are potentially forbidden, have glyphs that are incomplete or hard to make out, or simply do not fit well into other categories.

Smoke Sculpture
Forbidden Flames Pegasus
Carriage Spell
Spike Tracking Spell
Beldaruit's smoke sculpture spell .png
Forbiden Fire Glyph.jpg
Pegasus Carriage Spell.jpg
27 16 Spike.jpg
Tracking Spell.jpg
Puppet Bag's Spell Forbidden Glow
Puppet Bag's Spell.jpg
Forbidden Glow Spell.png

Forbidden Spells[edit | edit source]

Forbidden Spells are spells that were outlawed by the Pointed Hat Witches and are used by the Brimhats. Using them can result in getting your memory wiped by the Knights Moralis.

WARNING: This section contains a high quantity of spoilers. Proceed with caution.

Anti Scalewolf Curse Illusory
Petrification Scalewolf
Twin Bottle's Spell
Anti Scalewolf Spell.png
Illusory Labyrinth.png
1 56 Coco's Mom Petrified.jpg
Scalewolf Curse.png
Capture d’écran 2021-08-14 203639.png

References[edit | edit source]

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