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Qifrey's Atelier is a small atelier run by Qifrey on the Zozah Peninsula, located east-northeast of Kalhn and north-northwest of Coco's Village, within the Naakiwan Downs.[1] Its watchful eye is Olruggio, a close friend of Qifrey. There are currently four students living at the atelier: Coco, Agott, Tetia, and Richeh.

The atelier is comprised up of two separate structures, linked together by a single enclosed walkway. The larger structure serves as a home and place of study for Qifrey and his apprentices, where two of them share a studying-room, and they each have their own room to sleep in. The smaller structure serves as the place of work and residence of Olruggio, who lives separately from the others as is required of a watchful eye.

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