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A Magic Book is any book which contains drawings, explanations, or descriptions of spells, signs, and/or sigils. They are primarily used as tools for learning about magic and new spells. Whenever a book containing magic is written, a copy of it is generated at the Tower of Tomes, which is said to contain every magic book in the world.

List of Books[edit | edit source]

Coco's Picture Book[edit | edit source]

When Coco was a little girl, Iguin sold a book to Coco during a magical festival. This book contained forbidden magic. Years later, Coco saw Qifrey draw a spell, and Coco realized that magic is drawn. Realizing that the book she had received actually contained spells, she began to copy them out on paper. This continued until she drew a petrification spell, which began to turn her home to stone. Just in time, however, she was saved by Qifrey, who had realized that the book she received from "the witch" (Iguin) at the festival might have had actual spells inside. While Qifrey should have wiped Coco's memory, he chose not to, as she was the only lead to figuring out who had sold the book which contained forbidden magic.

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