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Agott (アガット, Agatto) is a young apprentice witch at Qifrey's atelier. She belongs to the famous Arklaum house, who have served as librarians of the Tower of Tomes for generations.[1] She hopes to develop her skills enough to one day become a librarian in the tower and prove herself worthy to her family.[2]

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Agott has dark curly hair which is occasionally colored dark purple, purple eyes, and a perpetually brooding expression with half-lidded eyes and a pouty face. She typically wears the apprentice robes of Qifrey's atelier.

As a younger girl, Agott had longer hair which reached to about the middle of her back.[3]

Personality[edit | edit source]

Agott is a self-conscious and withdrawn but ambitious apprentice. She seems to suffer from self-esteem issues and doesn't take kindly to being perceived as average. She has the tendency to take out her frustration on those she sees as inferior to herself or those who have a naive understanding of what it takes to really understand magic. This can be seen in her reaction to Coco's arrival at the atelier, where she forced her to take the Consent of the Crown despite only just having learned of magic.[4]

Agott is extremely serious about her magical studies and has shown a tendency to get up early to study or pull all-nighters to prepare for tests and similar examinations.[citation needed]

However, despite her hard work and her skill, she has a tendency to fixate on the things she can't do rather than the things she can, leading her to feel that both herself and her abilities are inadequate.[citation needed]

History[edit | edit source]

Agott was born into the prestigious Arklaum family, a lineage of witches who have served as librarians at the Tower of Tomes for generations.[5] She has been referred to as "The black sheep of the Arklaum family"[citation needed] because of a rumor that claimed she attempted to pass another person's magic off as her own during her debut.[6]

As a result of this, she is not studying under her family, instead receiving instruction from Qifrey to continue her studies. It's been observed in flashbacks that her work has also been perceived as mediocre and underwhelming by her family,[7] which is likely another reason why she was sent to study in a different atelier.

Plot[edit | edit source]

A Touch of Magic[edit | edit source]

Agott is first introduced as she is returning to Qifrey's Atelier. There, she meets Coco and immediately confronts her about the rumors she'd heard, telling Coco that what happened to her mother was her fault. When Coco tries to defend herself, Agott ridicules Coco's hopes of curing her mother and challenges her to do the first test.

Agott demands Coco to take the first test.

The next day, she is practicing drawing magic when Coco, who is working next to her, sprays her with water and ruins the magic she had been drawing. Coco profusely apologizes to her but Agott takes the mishap in stride, looking at Coco's magic and telling her why it did not work the way it was supposed to. Qifrey then leaves the girls and Agott demands Coco take the first test. Agott adjusts a Windowway so it will lead to the Dadah Range. When Coco questions her, Agott says she took the first test when she was ten so she could become an apprentice. She then proceeds to explain the test and allows Coco to borrow her Soar Boots for the test before pushing her through the gate and closing it.

Later, Agott is tending to the fire when Tetia walks in, wondering is she knows where Coco is. She explains Coco left to take the first test, saying how she dislikes those who can't do magic as well as she can and is confident Coco will not be able to succeed. However, Coco returns the next day and tries to give Agott the Diadem Herb which signifies she passed the test, but Agott seemingly gross irritated and walks away without a word.

Agott realizes they are no longer in Kalhn.

Sometime-likely days-later, Qifrey takes Agott and his other apprentices to Kalhn, specifically to The Starry Sword to get Coco a new pen. Agott, however, insists she would shop elsewhere while Coco wasted time, and agrees to meet back at the shop when they were ready to leave. However, that time never comes, as while Agott is shopping, Coco runs past her with Tetia and Richeh on her tail and is dragged into the chase. Agott runs after Coco, eventually catching up and stopping her, but once they stop, they realize they are not in town anymore. Agott figures they must have had forbidden teleportation magic used on them, but before she can do anything, she is dragged away by Tetia, who found a dragon that was now after them.

Trial By Fire[edit | edit source]

Relationships[edit | edit source]

Qifrey[edit | edit source]

Agott is one of Qifrey’s four students. She respects him as her professor, but is occasionally frustrated with his teachings and feels as if she is not progressing fast enough.

Coco[edit | edit source]

Initially Agott and Coco's relationship was precarious, as Agott looked down on Coco for being an outsider to the world of witches and being naive to the practice of magic. She generally looked upon Coco's naivete with disdain, essentially forcing her to take the first test, the Consent of the Crown, to prove her worth and earn a place in the atelier.

However, Agott and Coco's relationship has improved over time as they worked together. From escaping the Brimmed Hats' dragon to saving the travelers in the carriage, Agott has begun to see Coco as an equal and worthy of being a witch.

Tetia[edit | edit source]

Richeh[edit | edit source]

Olruggio[edit | edit source]

Loroga[edit | edit source]

Adina[edit | edit source]

Adina is Agott's mother. Since her expulsion from the Arkrome family, the two of them have become estranged. However, Agott still wants her mother to see her magic and see that she is a capable witch,[8] showing that she still desires her affection.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

References[edit | edit source]

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