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The Great Hall (大講堂) is the principal stronghold for the Pointed Hat Witches in the world. It is a massive structure populated by powerful witches. It lies at the bottom of the sea and can only be accessed by either descending a deep stairwell whose entrance is located above the waves or by using a windowway.

Locations[edit | edit source]

Map showing the location of the Great Hall

Great Hall Entrance[edit | edit source]

Qifrey at the Entrance ot the Great Hall

The Entrance to the Great Hall is situated on top of an extremely tall island, shaped like a pillar. On top is a single windowway and a cone shaped structure supported by pillars. The structure leads to a spiral stiarcase, which leads all the way down to the interior of the Great Hall.

Argentgard[edit | edit source]

A grove of silverwoods live in the Argentgard. Lord Beldaruit the wise stays in the Argentgard and provides those who ask with his council.[1]

Medical Spire[edit | edit source]

A medical tower within the Great Hall. Some outsider doctors work here, two of them being Ermile and Sinocia.[2]

Qifrey's apprentices entering the Windowway Parlor

Windowway Parlor[edit | edit source]

A dome shaped building with windowways for witches to come and go through.

Deepwater Castle[edit | edit source]

A castle located in the center of the Great Hall. Both Argentgard and the shopping gallery are located inside.[3]

References[edit | edit source]

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