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Ininia (イニニア, Ininia) is a apprentice witch currently serving under a mysterious witch named Restys.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Ininia turning her ribbons into a brim

Ininia resembles a young teenage girl with blonde hair and lavender eyes; she is roughly the same age as Coco, Tartah and Custas. She wears a large cloak that is indigo on the outside and magenta on the inside, of which hides her white-laced dress uniform.

The dress itself has sleeves too long for her, covering her white gloves which are etched with an unknown time-reversal glyph. She also wears white tights and short purple boots. Her witch hat is indigo in color and is wrapped in a long lavender ribbon which also ties up her hair into horn protrusions.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Ininia introducing herself to Coco and Tartah.

"Ininia's name is Ininia" ― Ininia formally introducing herself to Coco and Tartah.

Ininia is a very quiet girl that barely shows any emotions, making it hard to tell anything about her personality, but two things are almost certain: She is very loyal to her master, Restys, and she believes that the Pointed Hat Witches are the bad ones for not allowing other witches and Outsiders to have access to forbidden magic, in which healing spells were included. Ininia talks in third person and is very aloof, looking down on those she is not close with. She also has a very simple view on friendship, with people she declares as friends being spared from her more harmful magic.

Magical Items[edit | edit source]

Ininia carries a long wooden staff with a lightly-colored lavender crystal ball inside. Moreover, her white gloves have magic ink etched inside of it, allowing her to reverse time on a local scale. The staff that Ininia carries is also capable of flight, and she would use it like a classical witch's broomstick.

Plot[edit | edit source]

Custas' Freedom[edit | edit source]

Ininia first appeared as a mysterious figure, observing Coco and Tartah attempting to alleviate the burden of Custas's injuries. Custas was delighted being given a magical cape by his friends, he bid them farewell until they meet again at the Silver Eve. However, one night while camping with Dagda, they were ambushed by bandits who were set on revenge for Dagda's perceived slights against them.

Dagda immediately and forcefully ejected Custas into the sky with his flying cape in order to save him. After Dagda fought, Custas flew back down to check on his companion who was grievously wounded. Ininia finally revealed herself, telling Custas the true nature of witchcraft before healing Dagda via reversing time. She then extended her hand to Custas, tempting him to join her side by fixing his legs.

The Bargain[edit | edit source]

Ininia later appeared after Custas - now a fully-fledged Brimmed Cap - 'reunited' with Coco and Tartah. She appeared suddenly behind the two before summoning a magical restraining bracelet that will burn through their veins if they so much as resist; coercing the two into doing their bidding, which is to break the ideas and control of the Pointed Hat witches.

Relationships[edit | edit source]

Restys[edit | edit source]

From the little that was shown of their relationship, Ininia shows incredible loyalty to her master Restys, asking her Lord for permission to conduct her spells and rituals with absolute respect.

Custas[edit | edit source]

Ininia's relationship with Custas is that of a master and apprentice. As he is still new in the world of magic and emotionally unstable, Custas follows around Ininia as his personal 'savior'. As such, Ininia acts as a dependable guide to Custas.

References[edit | edit source]

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