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The Dadah Range (ダダ山, Dada Yama) is a region of large floating earthen orbs at the northern edge of the Zozah Peninsula.[1]

Anyone wishing to become an apprentice witch must pass the first Witch's Trial here by obtaining the crown plant called the "Diadem Herb" that grows at the peak of the Dadah Range.[2]

The Dadah Range was created when the King of Dada lifted a mountain up into the sky. Because of its lasting existence and usage of forbidden magic, it is classified as a mystical ruin. [3][4]

Description[edit | edit source]

Each of the "mountains" is a sphere of the earth that floats in the air. The mountains aren't barren, rather they are covered in plants. What exactly causes the spheres to float hasn't been revealed. Gravity still appears to affect objects and animals on the mountains, as seen when Coco tries to grab onto one and falls off.[5] One important characteristic of the mountains is that the height varies significantly, both between individual spheres and also at different times of the year. The highest spheres can reach the cloud tops at their maximum altitude and the lowest can become submerged in the water of the lake that lies underneath the Dadah Range.[6]

This is the place for the first of the Pentagram Tests and is considered extremely dangerous to new witches and those who don't know how this range works.[7]

History[edit | edit source]

Before the Day of the Pact, the King of Dadah raised the mountains into the sky because he could not bear the thought of his crown being anywhere other than the greatest peak. From this new peak he would watch over his battlefields.[4]

Inhabitants[edit | edit source]

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