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Euini (ユイニィ,Yuinī) is a nervous and self-loathing young apprentice who formerly studied under Kukrow.

Euini is first introduced as another student taking the second of the Pentagram Tests, The Sincerity of the Shield, at which time he had already failed the test twice before.[1]

Appearance[edit | edit source]

His hairstyle covers his eyes completely, but they can occasionally be seen in close-ups and when his hair is moved out of the way. He has long black robes belted by a red sash at his waist. His hat is much like his masters, green with a black fold over outlined in gold. There is a metal ring that hangs off of the point of his hat.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Euini is a very anxious witch who underestimates his abilities, this due to him being hyperaware of his faults. Euini tends to think lowly of himself and that causes him to under-perform in many situations. He is most comfortable practicing magic when there isn't an audience watching him.

During his third time taking The Sincerity of the Shield, Euini was inspired by Richeh's individuality, now desiring to be more like her. This, along with the positive example being set by Alaira, the witch currently looking after Euini, has resulted in the boy starting to gain more and more confidence, with Euini even beginning to learn the importance of not taking the easy way out.

Plot[edit | edit source]

Second Pentagram Test Arc[edit | edit source]

Their test being overseen by Alaira, Eunie joins Agott and Riche for The Sincerity of the Shield, which he had failed twice before.[1] While discussing how to get the myrphons to follow them, Euini and Richeh have a disagreement due to Euini focusing on the "right way" to take the test while Richeh believed in doing it with her own magic. Euini when Richeh's non-by-the-books style ended up working, Euini began to realize that there might be more than one way to pass the test.

As they continue, Euini is constantly doubting himself and thinking himself unable to solve the problems he comes across, this being due to him internalizing the abuse of his master, Kukrow, who said he would never amount to anything. However, Richeh is able to show him that he is more than capable of solving the obstacles they come across on his own, helping him to gain confidence and helping his self loathing to subside.

Shortly after, the group is attacked by Sasaran of the brimmed caps. Alaira is transported away from the apprentices, and the three rush to escape. While fleeing, the three ride a sled, pushed by Agott with her sylph shoes, but upon realizing that they need to go faster enough, Richeh begins to panic as she doesn't know any spells that could help, knowing very few spells other than the ones she herself had made. However, in that moment, Euini gives Richeh some of the spells he had drawn in his palm quire before the test, this ultimately helps Richeh to realize the importance of studying the work of others rather than just making her own spells.[2][3]

Before anything could happen, however, Agott stops pushing the sled and confronts Sasaran, making up a lie that Coco was taken from the atelier by the Knights Moralis and had her memory wiped, with Sasaran ultimately capturing her and calling her out on her lie. Euini and Richeh are able to free her by working together, but Sasaran manages to capture Euini and draw a forbidden transformation spell on his neck which unintentionally melded with the scalewolf fur from his cloak,[4] causing Euini to transform into a black scalewolf.[5] The intended effect of Sasaran's magic on Euini is unknown although Sasaran says he'll be able to serve the same purpose,[6] and transports Euini to Coco[7] to get her to perform forbidden magic.

Ultimately, Richeh, Tetia, Coco, and Agott attempt to use an inverted scalewolf curse glyph to restore him to his human form, but the spell seemingly fails to work.[8] At that moment, Iguin arrives and compels Coco to draw forbidden magic in order to turn Euini back, but Euini prevents this, with it becoming apparent that the spell used by the girls managed to restore Euini's mind even though it didn't restore his body.[9] Iguin then transforms him back into a human using an anti scalewolf curse spell drawn on a necklace, but he removes the necklace immediately and Euini transforms once more. Coco is able to steal back the necklace with a grasping wind spell.[10] After Coco tells Iguin that she'll draw the things she wants to draw, not what he wants, Iguin leaves.

Now reunited and safe from danger, all five apprentices, joined by Qifrey, Olruggio, and Alaira, manage to safely escape the cave. However, it is quickly realized that Euini will be in danger with the Knights Moralis thanks to the seal now engrave on his neck. Richeh then draws a windowway using the sigil of doorways she got from her older brother, Riliphin, and the sign of windows which had been in the palm quire Euini had given her.[11] She says it's spell she couldn't make on her own, but couldn't have made without her own magic, telling Euini she made the spell for him so he could escape.[12]

Alaira then tells Euini that she'll go with him until they can find a way to remove the seal on his neck and will become his master, apologizing for not being able to protect him despite him being in her care.

Euini running to knock off his scales

Euini then turns back into his wolf form, saying it'll make things easier going forward, but Richeh says he doesn't have to make excuses before reaching up to pet him but hurting her hand on his scales. Euini tells her to hold on and then runs, something scalewolfs do in order to knock off their scales so they don't hurt those they care for, then runs back to Richeh.

With his scales now gone, Richeh hugs and pets him, with Euini promising Richeh that he'll return as his true self and asking Richeh to wait for him. Richeh promises Euini that she will, and that when they meet again, they should show each other the magic that they've learned. With that, Euini enters the windowway with Alaira and the two depart.[13]
End of spoiler.

Silver Eve Arc[edit | edit source]

Euini and Alaira have been living in the outdoors together after the second task. It's revealed that Euini prefers sleeping in his scalewolf form as he feels more confident, and no one will approach them while he's in that form due to fear.[14] After some encouragement from Alaira about using his magic to solve his problems as opposed to taking the easy route, and because of Richeh's past actions towards him, Euini strengthens his resolve and exclaims he wants to do his best and become his best self.[15]

Relationships[edit | edit source]

Alaira[edit | edit source]

Alaira is currently looking after Euini, acting as his master in all but name. She took him in after failing to protect him from the Brimmed Caps,[16] leaving her former life behind in the process. She promised Euini that she would keep him safe while they were on the run, eventually starting to teach him how to live his life with dignity and not to take the easy way out.

Alaira has become a mentor and teacher to Euini, with Euini learning to live his life with dignity without taking the easy way out thanks to her example.[17] Much to Alaira's surprise, despite not wanting to ever become a teacher in the past, she has begun to warm up to the idea.[18]

Richeh[edit | edit source]

Euini was one of Richeh's fellow test-takers during the second test. Despite originally disagreeing with Richeh for not using magic that is considered the right spell for a specific job, Euini was eventually helped Richeh to realize the value of magic made by others. In turn, Euini was able to learn from Richeh that there isn't always one solution to a given job, and that he is able to forge his own path and doesn't need to rely on the path paved by others to do so. Due to this, despite the short time they spent together, the two were able to form a strong bond.

When they parted ways after escaping the cave, Euini promised that he'd one day return back to his real self. Richeh then promised that she'd wait for him and that when they next met, they would show each other the magic they'd learned.

Despite no longer being able to see each other in person, the two stay in contact by mail. Notably, Euini once sent Richeh a great deal of letters for her birthday. When she received them, Richeh place the letters in what appeared to be a box for items that are precious to her, saying thank you as she did so.[19]

It is likely that Euini has a crush on her based on his reaction to the idea of Richeh looking up at him.[20]

Kukrow[edit | edit source]

Kukrow is Euini's former master. While Euini was studying under him, Kukrow was verbally abusive towards his apprentice, belittling him constantly on his lack skill and for his failures, even going as far as to say that he wished he could replace Euini's drawing hand with Agott's, being from a esteemed house.[1] Despite this Euini, Euini still craves his approval and still respected him. After the Second Pentagram Test Arc, he realizes that Kukrow wouldn't teach him any longer due to the spell drawn on his neck.[21]

Kukrow, due to his neglect in leaving the test area while his apprentice was taking his test, was pressured by the Knights Moralis into volunteering to lead the search for Euini and Alaira.[22]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Euini is currently the tallest known named apprentice[23]

References[edit | edit source]

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