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The Day of the Pact is a important historical event that occurred at some unknown point in Zozah's history.

Description[edit | edit source]

On The Day of the Pact, it was established that only a few people would be able to draw magic. To enforce this rule, the magic council decided to wipe out the "memory of magic" from people, turning them into Outsider, while the rest that kept the secret of magic were called the Pointed Hat Witches, and those that rejected the day of the pact, became outcasts and "magic criminals" called the Brimmed Hat Group.

Plot[edit | edit source]

Long ago, disasters such as wars, dark rituals, tragic accidents, and other crimes began to occur more frequently do to several groups of witches began to engage in heinous acts. In response to this, the Pointed Hat witches forcefully took control of the world, and one day, they made a pact. They day upon which this occured would soon be remembered as the Day of the Pact. With the day of the pact, various spells were banished and then they were known as the forbidden spells, most of them being the spells that altered the body in any way. Because of this last rule, witches that used healing spells started to protest against the day of conspiracy, but it was mostly in vain.

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