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Tetia (テティア, Tetia) is a young apprentice witch at Qifrey's Atelier. She loves the idea of clouds and dreams of creating the perfect cloud magic,[citation needed] but most of all wants to make magic that makes people happy.[citation needed]

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Tetia is a young girl with light brown eyes and wavy pink hair that she wears in a twin tails style. She typically wears Qifrey's apprentice cloak, along with a frilly petticoat and boots.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Tetia is an extremely upbeat, loving girl that tries to help everyone she knows and keep the mood positive. She is often the one who keeps everyone grounded and stable. Tetia loves it when people thank her, and will thank them in return.[citation needed]

History[edit | edit source]

Nothing is currently known about Tetia's past before she started living at Qifrey's Atelier.

Plot[edit | edit source]

Introduction Arc[edit | edit source]

Tetia shows Coco how to use a Vapor Bubble.

Tetia is first introduced when Qifrey leaves Coco in the entryway of his atelier.[citation needed] Tetia explains to Coco how to use a Vapor Bubble, and Coco thanks her causing Tetia to thank her back. They thank each other back and forth until Richeh walks in, insisting to Coco she should not humor Tetia's antics, to Tetia's annoyance. Tetia picks herself back up and asks Coco which atelier she's from, startling when Coco says she only started using magic the day before. Tetia explains she had heard a rumor that an outsider to magic had not had their memories erased and was to become an apprentice, wondering if Coco is that girl. Before Coco can respond, Qifrey returns and asks Tetia and Richeh to wait outside, which they do.

The next day, Coco questions Tetia on the Magical Washrooms, but before Coco can ask anything further, Tetia states she has some errands she has to run but allows Coco to borrow a book on magical contraptions before leaving.

Tetia finds it hard to eat because she is worried about Coco.

Sometime later, Tetia returns. As it gets later in the day, Tetia approaches Agott to ask her where Coco is, as she has not seen her and it is almost dinner time. Agott tells her that Coco left to take the first test which horrifies Tetia, but Agott tells her that someone who can't pass that test doesn't deserve to be in their atelier, and assures Tetia that Coco will return defeated. When dinner is served, Tetia sits with Richeh but refuses to eat because of how worried she is for the other girl. When Qifrey returns the next day, Tetia worriedly tells him that Coco was at the Dadah Range and Qifrey immediately runs to the Windowway to retrieve the girl, but Coco is already standing there, having completed the test. Tetia hugs her, incredibly relieved to see she's alright and teases Coco when her stomach growls.

Likely days later, Tetia douses Coco in water and asks her what happened, to which Coco explains her fire magic had gotten out of control due to having difficulty with levitation spells. Tetia wonders what is so hard about it for her after taking the first test, bouncing around the room with her sylph shoes. Coco then explains that she messed up Agott's sylph shoes and wanted to repair them, and had done everything except the magic on the bottom, to Tetia's amazement. Qifrey walks in and wonders if her pen is not suited for her, leading him to take Tetia and the other girls out to The Starry Sword. As they walk in, Mr. Nolnoa walks down the staircase to greet them, and Tetia introduces Coco to him. Mr. Nolnoa explains to the girls how Conjuring Ink is created and when Coco explains she wants to buy a new Ink Wand, Tetia leads her down the stairs to show her the different wands. However, Coco startles and quickly runs out of the shop, causing Tetia and Richeh to chase after her, dragging Agott into the chase as well. Once they catch up to her, they realize they are no longer in Kalhn and Tetia flies off to try and see where they are. However, what she finds is a dragon and runs back to the girls screaming as the dragon flies after her.

As the apprentices run through the unfamiliar city, Tetia hits a dead end and begins to panic, thinking that she doesn't want to die here before sharing her magic with the world and ends up blaming Coco, which Tetia immediately feels guilty for.[1] Agott comforts her, but unfortunately Coco takes her panic to heart and begins to blame herself for putting the apprentices in this situation.

Tetia distracts the dragon by drawing an flying puppet of diversion spell, using it to send her cloak up into the sky, acting as a decoy.[2] While the dragon chases the decoy, Agott and Coco get into a fight and Richeh blows a hole in the wall. Tetia, Agott and Richeh crawl through, leaving Coco behind. They soon realize that even though they went through the hole, they keep coming back to the same spot. Tetia suggests that the area was built as a magical labyrinth. Later, Coco returns Tetia's hat to her and gives her her cloak in an attempt at comfort, saying that the power of Tetia's magic is much more important than hers. In response, Tetia surrounds Coco in clouds and apologizes for lashing out at her, saying that as her senior she should be the one looking out for Coco.[3] She then explains to Coco that the clouds magic spell is her original spell, based off her dream to nap on clouds riding through the sky.[4] She plans to perfect and share it so that everyone can use it. Tetia tells Coco that after they get back home, they will one day take off their apprentice cloaks and graduate as fully fledged witches.[5]

Tetia's clouds inspire Coco. She comes up with a strategy to lure the dragon away from the glyph holding the place together by cushioning the dragon in warm and cozy clouds, causing it to become comfortable and leave them alone.

Relationships[edit | edit source]

Qifrey[edit | edit source]

She is one of his four students.

Coco[edit | edit source]

Tetia instantly takes a liking to Coco, as one of the things Coco tells her is "Thank you" after she helps Coco upon Coco's arrival at Qifrey's Atelier.[citation needed]

Richeh[edit | edit source]

Agott[edit | edit source]

Eolio Ezrest[edit | edit source]

Tetia meets the prince during Silver Eve. Tetia assures him that they're friends but later avoids him in the future. They both agree that clothes are like magic. [6]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

References[edit | edit source]

  1. Witch Hat Atelier Manga: Chapter 53

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