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Olruggio (オルーギオ, Orūgio) is a witch specializing in fire magic who serves as the Watchful Eye for Qifrey's atelier. He has a gruff way of speaking but his magic is often described as "warm."

He has created a lot of magical items, such as the Glowstone Path, the Snugstone and the Searneedle Wand. His specialty is fire-based magic.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Olruggio has dark hair, blue eyes, a thin beard and a semblance of vague unkemptness. He's usually wearing a mildly perturbed, grouchy expression.

He wears a long white shirt with large sleeves, tucked in a long black skirt, with a golden belt. His cloak is dark with blue and gold highlights, and made from a heavy, velvety fabric. Due to this weight, he tends to slouch.[1] It has a large pointy hood he can wear over his cap.

The tasset at the point of his cap is a light colored pompom, which was originally Qifrey's. The two witches traded theirs around the time of their Third Test.

Personality[edit | edit source]

While he initially comes off as blunt and harsh, Olruggio is a genuinely kind and caring person. He looks after Qifrey and the students of the atelier, coming up with magical items to help them sleep and helping the students with their magic.

This kindness doesn’t just apply to people Olruggio knows— he helps out local villagers so frequently that the nobility of said villages and cities take note and seem almost jealous. Olruggio’s kindness towards others forces him to begin to question the laws of witch society, specifically laws against witches practicing medicine and introducing non- witches to magic. Whenever someone brings up Olruggio’s warm actions, he tries to brush it off as something anyone would do or simply part of his work as watchful eye.

Olruggio is notoriously bad with deadlines and overworks himself, staying up late at night to finish commissions. He is tired a lot and sometimes shows a haggard face with dark circles. Due to these bad habits he sometimes sleeps on the couch of the Atelier, oversleeps, or misses events. He insists on the importance of sleep to Qifrey's apprentices.

He is easily flustered and will lie about not liking praise. While at first he loudly opposed the girls calling him their professor, he stops complaining about it during the story, only occasionally telling other people they are not his pupils.

Inventions[edit | edit source]

Olruggio has invented numerous artifacts, including:

Plot[edit | edit source]

Watchful Eye Arc[edit | edit source]

Olruggio returns to the Atelier after a buisiness trip and meets Coco, who's existence he had not been made aware of. He tries to turn her over to the Knights Moralis. After Qifrey's intense response, he listens to Coco's story and reluctantly accepts her presence as an apprentice. Later, she finds herself into his room while trying to catch Brushbuddy, where she reveals to have already seen the Glowstone path, as the spell which inspired her passion for magic. Olruggio throws her out.

River Rescue Arc[edit | edit source]

Taking Agott with him on horseback, he follows Dagda to the site of the collapsed bridge, where he instructs her to help dry the victims while he and Qifrey rescue those still stuck in the sinking carriages. Once the rescue is complete, he and Richeh head upstream to check for potential damage, leaving Agott and Coco to care for the victims. He comes back to their rescue after the Knights Moralis arrive on sight and capture them and instantly goes to help the members of the caravan, caught in the sands of Coco's spell. He interrupts Qifrey's confrontation with the Knights to ask all of them for help, as as witch's duty should lie in helping the people.

After the incident, he tells Qifrey he might be too lax with his students, referring to Agott's careless unsupervised behaviour, which they both worry about.

Second Pentagram Test Arc[edit | edit source]

Great Hall Arc[edit | edit source]

Silver Night Festival Prologue Arc[edit | edit source]

Silver Eve Arc[edit | edit source]

Relationships[edit | edit source]

Qifrey[edit | edit source]

Qifrey and Olruggio are childhood friends, and seem to trust each other dearly. Despite being the Atelier’s Watchful Eye and being sworn to report wrongdoings to the Knights Moralis, Olruggio trusts Qifrey to the point where he breaks this oath multiple times— he doesn’t take Coco away after discovering she was an outsider to witch society and lies to the Knights Moralis about what happened to Euini during the Second Test.

After discovering that Qifrey’s right glasses lens is enchanted with invisible ink to help him see with a failing eye, Olruggio asks his friend to tell him the truth, and tells Qifrey that regardless of what that truth may be, Olruggio will help him. Qifrey reveals his true motive, seeking out the Brimhats, and wipes Olruggio‘s memory. Qifrey sadly states that he’s sure Olruggio would end up forgiving Qifrey “again”, implying that this has happened multiple times.

Coco[edit | edit source]

He enjoys her lively appreciation for magic. As it turns out, it's his Glowstone Path who gave her here vocation for the craft, which Olruggio seems flustered about.

Riche[edit | edit source]

Olruggio and Riche seem to get along well. She speaks and listens to him easily, perhaps even easier than to Qifrey.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • According to a sketch page by Shirahama Kamome, Olruggio enjoys strong yet sweet alcoholic drinks.[2]
  • Brushbuddy is fond of him. He's seen playing with the creature, who also climbs on him, and rocks around happily when he comes back in the Great Hall.
  • He stars on the cover of volume 6. For this occasion, the author drew him acting bashful about this spotlight, insisting it's really not his thing to Qifrey before refusing for it to be changed... [additional approximate english translation by blogger kirbypoyopoyo]

References[edit | edit source]

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