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Sasaran (ササラン, Sasaran), also known as the "Empty Cloak Witch", is a mysterious member of the Brimmed Cap Group. He uses magic to control his cloak and hat so he does not need to risk his own safety while on mission for the Brimmed Hats, and has been described as "the very embodiment of forbidden magic."[citation needed]

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Sasaran normally masquerades himself as a floating cloak and brimmed hat with an eye-shaped ornament on the front, giving him an ethereal appearance.

His true form is that of a slim man that has been endowed with cat-like features, giving him a monstrous feline appearance. His left eye has a ornament around it. His unusual appearance is implied to be the result of magical experimentation gone awry where his once human self fused with the body of a pet.[1] Iguin refers to him as "the very embodiment of forbidden magic".[2]

Personality[edit | edit source]

Sasaran show to have a lot of hatred towards the Pointed Cap Witches because of what happened to his body. Sasaran appears to be kind of a coward, always hiding in the shadows behind his cloak, one of the motives being his transformed body. He also appears to have fear of the other brimmed hats in his group, such as Iguin and others that haven't appeared yet.

Sasaran is more offensive in fights than Iguin, using more aggressive spells while always trying to hide behind his cloak.

History[edit | edit source]

While it isn't outright confirmed that the boy seen in the flashback is Sasaran, he is wearing the same cloak and has a pet that looks suspiciously similar to his monstrous face. This boy didn't understand why the things that made forbidden magic taboo were considered bad, not understanding why it was necessary to outlaw its use.[3]

Eventually, in a magical accident, Sasaran ended up fusing himself with an animal, very likely the catlike creature seen in the flashback, resulting in his disfigurement.[citation needed] Eventually, after leaving the Pointed Caps, he met Iguin, and the two ended up working together.

Plot[edit | edit source]

Sasaran attacks Alaira

Sasaran first appears talking to Iguin, in chapter 17. At that time, Sasaran still is using spells to mask what he looks like. After that, he only appears briefly in Chapter 20, just to make a full apparence in chapter 21 onwards during the chapters where the students where doing The Sincerity of the Shield, making him one of the main antagonists of the Second Pentagram Test Arc.

Relationships[edit | edit source]

Iguin[edit | edit source]

Sasaran and Iguin are both Brimmed Cap witches who are working together to bring down the pointed hats and remove all barriers on what kinds of magic should be used.

Iguin seems to be the superior in their relationship. During the Second Pentagram Test arc, while in the Serpentback Cave, Sasaran didn't want to leave despite Iguin feeling it was time to withdraw. Iguin then threatened Sasaran to comply, with the former showing clear and obvious terror towards his comrade, the two leaving immediately after.[citation needed]

It is clear from their interactions that while they are on the same side and share a common goal, their relationship is not an equal or amicable one, but one of control, seemingly only existing due to their common interest.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

References[edit | edit source]

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