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Luluci (ルルシィ, Rurushi) is a member of the Knights Moralis.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Luluci is a young adult woman with blonde hair and light blue eyes. Like the rest of the Knights Moralis, she wear the distinctive black and red uniform and witch hat to denote her status. She is physically the shortest and smallest of the Knights Moralis.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Luluci is the most calm, aloof and soft spoken of the Knights Moralis. Despite her soft appearance, she can reveal a more sterner and coercive side befit of the Knights, especially when in regards to more stubborn Outsiders like Dagda [1]. Moreover, she shows zero tolerance towards sexual predators, viewing them with disdain. This is due to Luluci and her friend from the same professor, Ellien, suffering psychological and emotional trauma as victims of sexual assault when they were younger [2] [3].

Nevertheless, she is an empathic and kind person, specifically towards Custas whom she was responsible for while he was being getting him stabilized at the Kalhn Medical Facility, caring for him and gifting him the Sealchair[4]. Later, when Custas received the new Winged Cloak, he gave his Sealchair back to Luluci who was at first, relieved that he was fully healed until she was corrected that he got a new device from his 'witch friends', which perplexed her[5][6].

Plot[edit | edit source]

River Rescue Arc[edit | edit source]

Luluci is first seen at the Stairway River disaster, where she helps capture Agott and Coco. After Qifrey and the rest of his atelier intervene to release the girls, she helps the victims by using her silver banner to bandage Custas' legs to stop the bleeding.[7] She is grabbed by Dagda, who asks her if she can heal the boy, as he just witnessed the Knights repairing their banners in an instant using magic. She calmly asks him to unhand her, threatening to leave Custas without care if he doesn't.

Second Pentagram Test Arc[edit | edit source]

Back at the Great Hall, Luluci reports to Easthies (after briefly scolding Ekoh and Etlan for playing with their pennants) on the following of the Stairway river accident. She brought Custas to Kalhn where he is getting hospitalized and intend to go back to wipe his memories when he's feeling better. Easthies orders her and Galga to file a written report of the situation for Vinnana.

Great Hall Arc[edit | edit source]

Alerted by Kukrow, Luluci is sent to intercept the apprentices at the site of the test, to take them to the Great Hall for a report of the situation. She uses her pennant to carry injured Qifrey to the Healing Spire. There, she briefly talks about magic history to Coco, who was ignorant of the topic. She wants to press the apprentices and Olruggio to go meet with Lord Beldaruit who summoned them, but is told by Sinocia to leave them alone to rest. She complies and settles with them, to keep an eye on them until they are rested enough before taking them to the Argentgard where Beldaruit awaits. She prevent Brushbuddy from entering. Once the meeting is over, she reminds Olruggio to file a written report of the situation, as the Wise One he just reported to is infamously useless at relaying information.

Silver Eve Arc[edit | edit source]

Back in Kalhn at the medical facility, Luluci is surprised to be returned the sealchair she previously gave to Custas. She was using the position of the chair to track his using a spell, and asks the nurse for their current whereabouts.

Later in Ezret castle, she joins many other Knights to escort the Three Wise Ones.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

References[edit | edit source]

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