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The Sincerity of the Shield

In the second test, you must "demonstrate your devotion to walk aside your teacher." After completing this second test, you gain permission to cast spells in public. In other words, it serves to prepare the apprentices to draw spells in front of other without being seem.

The second test takes place in the Serpentback Cave on Cape Romonon during the migration season of the Myrphons. You must guide the birds safely through the long winding cave to their breeding and wintering grounds on the other side. You wear a Mirror Mantle so the Myrphons see you as a part of their flock. If you take them off or alter the seals, they will flee and you fail the test.

History[edit | edit source]

Agott, Richeh and Euini take this test, but it is compromised as they are attacked by Brimmed Hats. During the attack, Euini ends up being transformed into a scaled wolf by a forbidden spell drawn on his skin by Sasaran. After the conflict with the Brimmed Hats, the apprentices go to the Great Hall, so then can treat their wounds and report to Beldaruit, the Wise in Teaching, about the implications of the test. Beldaruit decides to grant to Coco, Richeh, Agott, and Tetia an alternative to the test. The four of them must surprise the man with magic, and if they do so, they will be acknowledged as having passed the test.