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The Brimmed Cap Group, Brimmed Cap Witches, or just Brimcaps, are the witches who reject the rules of the Day of the Pact and use Forbidden Magic, such as offensive magic and body alteration magic, alongside with the forbidden act of making spell tattoos on their own bodies, or bodies of others. Their name comes from their hats, that have long brims or other ornaments to obscure their faces, as opposed to the Pointed Hat Witches, whose hat-brims are pinned up.

Some of them, like Iguin and Sasaran, express an interest in having Coco become a user of forbidden magic, claiming that she is a "savior". In the past one of them was responsible for giving her the picture book that turned her mother to stone in the first place.

Their exact structure and motivations are mostly unknown, but it seems that they organize in big groups and them split in small groups to work on their plans. There are some Brimmed Cap Witches, such as Ininia, Restis and Custas that up until Chapter 55 are not shown to have an alliance with Iguin and his group.

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