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A Windowway is a type of magical contraption that allows users to travel between them, regardless of distance.

Description[edit | edit source]

"Able to create a traversable link with exit portals constructed in other locations. Involves a seal that is exceptionally large and difficult to produce." ― The Tools of Witch Hat, Part 1[source]

Windowways come in several varieties of differing complexity, but all use the same base concept of the windowway spell, either as a whole ring or many smaller windowway spells linked together together.[1] Using the base of the windowway spell and adding aspects to it allows one to construct a unique glyph that is able to pair with other windowways. Simple windowways can be drawn and transported virtually anywhere, requiring only one person to set up, after which several people, reguardless of distance, can arrive through in seconds.[2]

Richeh's windowway, made of several small interconnected glyphs

Permanent windowways, such as the one inside Qifrey's Atelier, or the massive pair of doors inside the Great Hall (which is a windowway, despite it's appearance), are much more complicated, and may have several knobs on them that allow the user to control and manipulate the destination of the portal without drawing it from scratch.[3]

Qifery operating a windowway using knobs

History[edit | edit source]

Windowways are first used when Qifrey opens one to the Tower of Tomes to show Coco some of the things that magic can do.[4] They are later used to transport the members of Qifrey's atelier to the site of a bridge collapse [2] and to travel to transport Euini and Alaira to a distant land in order to hide from the Knights Moralis [5], and later, transport Coco and Qifrey to the Tower of Tomes.

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