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Chapter Eleven of the second volume of the Witch Hat Atelier manga series.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Coco, after falling into the river, asks Agott to give her the link rings. Agott tosses them down, and Coco uses them to dry off her palm quire, but doesn't draw because she knows she can't let anyone watch. Agott recognizes this, and draws a Bird of Light Beacon spell to distract the outsider and draw their attention. Coco takes advantage of this and prepares to draw a levitation spell, but her notebook is too small, making it impossible for her to draw it without being seen.

Custas wakes up, and Coco gets an idea. While she is implementing it, Dagda and the other outsider begin to realize that the bird is doing nothing but make light, and they prepare to take the rescue into their own hands.

Just then, Coco floats back up the cliff with Coustas in her arms. Once back on dry land, Coco embraces Agott. After a moment, Agott pushes Coco away, and asks how she managed to pull it off. Agott then realizes there is some sand on Coco's shoulder, and Coco explains that she used a wall breaker seal to crush the boulder, saying that she got the idea when she saw Agott's spell. Coco thanks Agott, as it's thanks to her that she and Custas could be saved.

Suddenly, both girls are wrapped up in Silver-White Capture Pennant, immobilizing them. Out of nowhere, the Knights Moralis had arrived, led by Easthies. He shouts at them, demanding to know which one of them drew "that" magic, and which one of them was the Brimmed Cap Group agent. When Agott says neither of them are Brimmed Cap Group agents and that the only magic they used was magic to save the people nearby, Easthies asks them what else could explain "that", and pointes to the river.

Agott and Coco look to the river, the entire river, bank, water, and all, turned to sand, not just the boulder like was intended. Easthies says that as an aprentice, there is no way they could have drawn such powerful magic without something "forbidden", and says that the laws from the Day of the Pact are absolute, and prepares to wipe the mind of Coco with a memory spell.

Characters by Appearance[edit | edit source]

Chapter Notes[edit | edit source]

  • The Knights Moralis attempt to wipe Coco's mind for the first time in this chapter.

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