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This page refers to the faction of witches formed after the day of the Pact, in opposition to the Brimmed Cap Group.

Pointed cap witches, or just witches are all those who use magic in accordance to the laws established on the day of the pact. They belong to no nation, pay no rent and are paid by the magic tax taken from the Outsiders of Zozah,[1] and in exchange are obliged to serve the people through seasonal services. Only those born to witches are legally permitted to become one, with the Pointed Caps purging the memories of anyone who discovers the secret of how it is used, something they have been it since the day of the Pact.[2] The witches are led by the Three Wise, and their laws enforced by the Knights Moralis.

The majority of the witches in the peninsula live within the Great Hall, a fortified underwater city, the water kept breathable thanks to magic. Forced by trade to live separated from the outsider, smaller communities still exist outside the Great Hall, the island of Kalhn demonstrating an example of such. More rarely, witches like Qifrey prefer a solitary life in an atelier, and others are nomadic.[citation needed]

History[edit | edit source]

Before the day of the Pact, "witch" was used for all magic users, with no limit or regulation placed on the practice of magic. It was common for kings to have a witch at their service.[3] The great acts of these witches are described in many of Zozah's myths and legends, many of which still scar the landscape.[citation needed]

On the day of the Pact, a small faction of witches, the precursors to the modern pointed caps, decided to put an end to the many atrocities caused by the unrestricted use of magic. They started wiped all memories of magic from anyone who they did not trust, only taking a small number of trusted apprentices upon whom to pass their knowledge. The laws they put in place forbade witches from learning medicine and banned any magic deemed to be too dangerous for use, including attack magic and magic which permanently scarred/altered the environment. Above all other things, however, all spells cast directly on the human body were banned, which made illegal both magic used to deform and harm people as well as any and all forms of healing magic. The witches who opposed this new order became considered as the Brimmed Cap Group. These laws are still applied to this day.

Training[edit | edit source]

Before becoming apprentices, witches go to school to receive a general education. Witches start their apprenticeship around the ages of 7 to 10, at which they enter the atelier of the master they chose (the student picks their master and not otherwise).[4] Master witches from the bloodlines of the few original pointed hats of the day of the Pact are particularly revered. Five tests are taken during a witch's education, the third after which one becomes a true witch. Once this is achieved, a witch must perform three tasks of public service per season.[5]

Uniform[edit | edit source]

The uniform of pointed cap witches consists of a pointed, brimless cap and a robe and/or cape of some kind. The cap is the symbol of their faction, and shall not have a brim or anything that can conceal the face. Apprentices wear a hat that is part of the uniform of their atelier and will keep this cap until their third test, upon witch they may design their own.[6] A witch's cloak must be long enough to conceal the hands, enabling magic to be drawn secretly in the presence of Outsiders. Atelier uniforms also have their own cape. Some capes have specific uses, such as those worn by craftsmen, typically short and light to allow for ease of movement.[7]

Magic laws[edit | edit source]

They regulate the use of magic and the existence of the pointed hats.

  • Magic cast directly on the body and/or able to alter the body and/or mind of human beings is banned (including healing magic), with memory erasure serving as the sole exception. [8]
  • Outsiders are forbidden to know the secret of magic. If one is learns the secret of magic, their memory will be wiped. A witch should never be seen drawing spells by an outsider, and spells on contraptions must be hidden.[citation needed]
  • It is forbidden to use magic in ways that cause others harm.
  • Witches are forbidden from studying medicine.
  • Witches are forbidden from intervening in any disaster that isn't natural in origins, like wars.[citation needed]
  • Witches are not to swear any political allegiance.[citation needed]
  • The cap of a witch must never conceal their face.
  • Each atelier built far away from large cities must be under surveillance of a Watchful Eye, who has to report any abuse or issue to the Knights Moralis.
  • If a witch uses forbidden magic, the Knights Moralis will remove their memories of magic.
  • It is illegal to have any magic tattooed or drawn onto your skin, regardless of how it got there.

Members[edit | edit source]

Qifrey's Atelier[edit | edit source]

Pointed Hats Professors and Apprentices[edit | edit source]

Other Pointed Hats[edit | edit source]

Knights Moralis[edit | edit source]

The Three Wise[edit | edit source]

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